achiever kota
One of the most prestigious & noble profession is being a Doctor

From last two decades Kota has been the Mecca for numerous students from all over the nation who dream to persue this profession.

In an effort to turn their dreams into reality, Achiever Career Institute is founded by the group of Top Most Faculty Members of Kota. The team has produced highest number of doctors from Kota in last 20 years, studying in almost each and every medical colleges of India.

Highly qualified team is equipped with highest level of expertise & experience. The team is committed to ensure superlative standards of academics by sharpening the skills of the students for highly competitive examinations like AIIMS & NEET.

Here at ACHIEVER CAREER INSTITUTE,KOTA we provide a focused and exam oriented learning environment, comprehensive study material & competitive environment by periodic test, assignments, monitoring of test performance report and personalized attention essential for nurturing a young medical aspirant.

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